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Shower Stall in "Limestone"

An Italian "limestone-look" tile was selected. With 7 different sizes and random color patterns it provides big palette to design with. The tiled ceiling eliminates maintenance issues from paint and drywall failure due to humidity.

Bathroom Renovation - Contemporary

Shower stall with a glass door is tiled in gray and white squares. Same tiles are used up the walls to simplify cleaning around fixtures. Gray granite is used as the backsplash, countertop, and on the end-cap of the shower partion wall. Floor is a stone-look, soft gray tile in a "random block" pattern.

Removing an Eyesore and Creating Interest

Upon completion, this small tile project appears as if it was an original design element. The eyesore was a sheet of plywood above a kitchen window hiding a former exhaust fan vent. The interest is an optical trick in Indian slate "harlequins". Rust and copper colors were used to blend with the existing brick. A copper drip-edge tops off the installation.

Basement Family & Guest Bedroom

After serious flooding, the wall-2-wall carpeting was destroyed and a flood-proof solution was needed. The client selected an Italian stone-look tile available in 6 sizes and several colors. The pattern used is called "random block" and gives the impression of an informal terrace.

Rick Weller is pictured during grouting. He is a master tile setter and provides technical guidance on various projects.

Shower Stall Renovated

A "new skin" was applied to the floor and walls over the existing tile.

Completed with a black granite threshold. The drain strainer was out being re-plated.

Ceiling view shows new fixtures, soap trays, a bath light & fan. Ceiling is now tiled to eliminate previous paint failure due to high humidity.

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